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LycaTV brings together your favourite TV channels from across the world.

Much more than just TV

Couldn’t catch that important game cos you were stuck at work? Missed another episode of your favourite TV series cos you were on the run and couldn’t make it back home in time?

Well, with an IPTV subscription from LycaTV – the world’s largest ethnic entertainment provider, missing shows is now a thing of the past! We cater to a wide-range of major ethnic communities spread across the world, and are committed to bringing you your favourite live IPTV channels and programmes, 24/7 – no matter where you may be. Our TV packages offer much more than just live TV channels – movies on demand, music, documentaries and a whole lot more, are yours to enjoy with LycaTV!

A boxful of surprises

Your LycaTV box comes packed to the brim with features designed to make your TV viewing experience even better! It’s equipped with a super-fast processor and features Dolby Audio

for a rich, cinematic surround sound experience; and what’s more, your favourite apps come pre-installed and ready to launch right out of the box! In addition to our Video on Demand (VOD) service which brings you up to 7 days of recorded programmes across all TV channels, the Lyca box also has innovative features built-in such as Trick Play, Screencast and 4K/HD streaming, that are sure to impress! Wait. There’s even more! Expandable storage, USB connectivity and did we mention that all our boxes come Bluetooth-enabled?

No TV ? No problem

Be it live, streaming or recorded TV, you get to choose how you watch as well as where you watch. Because it works via the internet, LycaTV is not limited to just your home.

You can view LycaTV from your office or even while you’re away on holiday – wherever there is a stable internet connection! LycaTV is available on your Android, iOS, Windows and Amazon Kindle Fire devices – offering you greater flexibility and convenience. LycaTV can also be accessed through your Windows PC, Mac, and streaming players such as Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV/Stick. Our service is now available on Samsung Smart TVs and Android TVs, and coming soon on LG Smart TVs!

Our Channels


Stream over 250 live channels in 5 languages, including your favourite Indian TV channels - Star Vijay, Zee Tamil, Sun TV and more! LycaTV gives you access to hundreds of popular TV channels from around the world, plus fresh on-demand content.

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Watch your favourite TV shows, movies, music and more, on a wide range of devices – with just a single subscription!

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