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Tent Kotta offers you a wide range of latest movies you'd stagger finding in the market. With new movies released weekly with English subtitles your movie stars are always there. Be it romance, humor, or goose bumpy horror movies, Tentkotta has the perfect blend of collection that you long to set your gaze.



Feast your eyes on Bollywood, Hindi and other shorts videos. Sorted with categories you can switch between new releases, movie with subtitles and much more. It contains a mixture of Bollywood, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bhojpuri to keep you entertained throughout the day.



Here’s an element of surprise for the Youtubers!
Now your Lyca TV Box offers an immaculate opportunity to surf Youtube for the trending videos.



Why miss those awkward selfie posts of your friends while watching TV.
You can always keep an eye on the happenings within your clique with the help of the Lyca TV Box. Make your viewers your followers by impressing them with your photos and videos.


Lyca Astro

Be spot on with your auspicious time and know what to do when.We never know what the next second holds for us, the Lyca Astro comes in handy as it keeps you informed of the auspicious times throughout the day.



You never know what a day holds for you, so brace yourself to take on weather, whether it be sunny, gloomy or rainy. Tornadoes, cyclones, Tsunamis may lurking round the next corner but you don’t need to fear if you are geared up with Lyca weather as it would notify you of any feature threat. Whether the weather is good or bad, Lyca weather keeps you safe.


Lyca Currency Converter

Why Trouble yourself with complicated currency calculations when Lyca has its currency convertor that calculates with just a click of a button. No need to worry about the fluctuating rate as the lyca currency convertor keeps it updated.



Post your special function and day outing pic and mesmerize your friends with your photos. Add your comments, share your memories and garner many likes from your friends.



A perfect application that brings together people of the same likes for a nice time of Chit Chat. Keep yourself informed about the prevailing political, cultural, financial trends.

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