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Upsize your entertainment by taking it to the big screen!

Android 4.1 upwards & for iOS 8.0 higher

Upsize your entertainment by taking it to the big screen!

Wirelessly share what’s playing on your mobile device - on a big screen, simply by using your Google Chromecast device! Now available on Android and iOS.

Please follow the below steps to activate LycaTV on your Google® Chromecast

  • STEP 1

    In order for this feature to work, you first need to set up your Chromecast device (Note: Both your Chromecast device and your Android™/iOS®device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network)
  • STEP 2

    Visit the Google Play™/Apple® itunes store® from your device and search for "Lyca TV"
  • STEP 3

    Select app from search results and click on the ‘Install’ button > accept installation
  • STEP 4

    Wait few seconds for app to download and install on your device
  • STEP 5

    Once app is downloaded > open app and click on the ‘Login’ button
  • STEP 6

    Log-in using the credentials with which you have subscribed to Lyca TV
  • STEP 7

    Select the channel you wish to view > click on ‘Cast this video’> Select the device you'd like to cast to (Chromecast) and enjoy Lyca TV on your large screen television!

Signing-up is a breeze!

Watch your favourite TV shows, movies, music and more, on a wide range of devices – with just a single subscription!

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